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We offer two main services that have helped thousands of timeshare owners over the years with their timeshare cancellation.  These include Timeshare Contract Cancellation and Timeshare Mortgage Debt Relief.

On the surface, a timeshare sounds like a great idea.  You might see it as an excuse to take a guaranteed family vacation every year at a luxurious resort.  So you take a “free” trip to the resort, sit through an hours-long sales meeting, and after a high-pressure pitch, decide to sign a timeshare contract.  However, the devil is in the details, and you soon realize that all the associated fees and costs are a financial burden that’s too much to bear.

As the bills pile up, you find yourself suffering a serious case of buyer’s remorse. You could try timeshare cancellation on your own, or you could work with an experienced, trusted, and proven timeshare cancellation service, like RFA Corporation.  

We've helped thousands of people like yourself become timeshare free.  Schedule your free consultation today.

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